Workshop leader callout

Sorry this callout has expired!



You needed a vacation. You wanted to apply to lead a workshop at ALLeGRO!, but didn’t have the time? Now you wish you had?

Well, we have good news for you:

The deadline has been extended to September 17!

This is your chance to grow and develop and share what you know with others.

Applicants, keep in mind:

The ALLeGRO! core program is a T.L.I. (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) and a COT (Club Officers Training).

We need interactive actionable 20- or 40-minute workshops directly linked to leadership, and more specifically, directly relevant to Toastmasters clubs and club officers.

We’d love to see some workshops on Coaching & Mentoring and Project Management. Have you organized a Tedx Conference? Run a workshop to share your tips and tricks! Is mentoring your forte? Give us the lowdown on how to be better mentors or mentees or how the new Pathways Mentoring Program works. What’s with the GDPR? What are clubs supposed to do and when? If you know something about this, lead a workshop and share it! Negotiation, delegation, motivating teams, Etc.

Workshop application form link:

Workshop Leader Application Form

No video footage? Ask for two recommendations!  Recommendation Form

All applicants: record a 2-3 minute video in English describing your workshop (topic, objectives, structure, interactive techniques and takeaways). Phone videos OK.

So apply today!

The Allegro Education Crew



Original callout:

Are you a dynamic presenter?

Do you have previous experience presenting to a (large) audience?

Inspire people to take the next step in their leadership development!
Apply to lead a workshop at the ALLeGRO Floating Academy. How? Please read all the information below and fill this Workshop Leader Application Form

The agenda will include a Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI), a Club Officers Training (COT) and some informal workshops, approximately 20 hours of training in all. Audience size: 100 to 120.

No WIFI connection on board

Two workshop formats—long (40 minutes) or short (20 minutes).
All workshops must be conducted in English, by a talented mix of seasoned speakers and newcomers.

ALLeGRO Education Islands:

The ALLeGRO Education Committee is looking for a talented mix of seasoned speakers and newcomers to lead these workshops, in English, on the following thematic Islands (this is a cruise, after all):

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leadership Growth and Development
  • Communication and I.T.
  • Project Management
  • Toastmasters Club Quality and Success
  • Public Speaking & Communication for Leadership

Desired workshop features:

  • Related to leadership
  • Related to Pathways competencies
  • Actionable, with clear, easily applicable takeaways
  • Focused, with a small number of key messages
  • Lively and dynamic, including audience interaction
  • In clear and simple English, easily understandable to all audience members, including
    non-native speakers of English
  • Conducted by a talented mix of newcomers and seasoned speakers / trainers
  • Ecologically friendly, using as little paper as possible*

See the workshop leader application form below.

Applicants are asked to provide, if possible, video footage of prior presentation(s) or workshop(s)
they have given.

If you would like to apply, but lack suitable video footage to enable the Ed Crew to
assess your capabilities, ask two people (minimum) to send the Ed Crew an evaluation of one or
more prior presentation(s) or workshop(s) you have given at Toastmasters or in other contexts. Please use this Recommendation Form .

Questions? Contact

Video presentation by our Education Chair:

Application form

Recommendation form: