1. What is ALLeGRO! the Toastmasters Floating Academy? It is before all a big training event held during a cruise. The event is organized on behalf of the Future Districts 109 and 59 to replace the Fall Conference. You will therefore find: Workshops on Leadership, Success club and other topics which YOU will chose, as well as a Club Officers Training of the 2018-19 year
  2. Will it be all about working and learning? NO! We named it ALLeGRO because it is ALSO about enjoying time together, with our friends from T.I and our families. It will be the first great event of the new Districts 109 & 59, and an opportunity for the members to get to know each other, and visit 3 amazing cities: Savona, Marseille and Barcelona
    In addition, we are looking for members and/or clubs willing to organize side/fun events on board and during the stopovers in Marseille and Barcelona. If you are interested, contact us   
  3. Will there be any contest? As you may be aware the Autumn conference and contest season have been cancelled from the T.I calendar from 1st July 2018. This means that the District will not hold any ‘contest’ either at club/area and division and district levels BUT we have booked rooms and theaters on the cruise and some members have already expressed their interest in organizing some rhetorical battles. And the good news is that even District Leaders will have a chance to participate! Giada and Tania are organizing a fun ‘Table Topics’ session open to all! Want to register? See the link under our “Program” tab!
  4. Will there be workshops in other languages than English? We would, of course, like to satisfy all participants, as you might imagine. However, participants will come from of Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, F.Y.R of Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican, and also from France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.  We have to communicate in a common language. However, and according to the number of participants speaking a same language, we will plan to have workshops in that language. We invite members to contact us.
  5. Will we visit Marseille and Barcelona? Costa Crociere will organize group visits, but of course you can also visit the cities  on your own. However if local members and clubs want to organize social events while we are in the harbors, they can contact us . We are open to any proposal.
  6. Can I bring my family? Being the Toastmasters Floating Academy held during a Costa Crociere cruise, registration is open to the families and friends of participants. ALLeGRO will also give us the opportunity to promote Toastmasters among the other passengers and in Europe in general.
  7. May I bring a pet with me? Sorry but as of today, Costa Crociere does not allow the transportation of animals on board.
  8. When is the deadline to register? Will we be able to register after that day? Because of the conditions offered to our group, Costa Crociere had to set a deadline for registration. We have managed to extend it until 15 June (so please tell your fellows). We are aware it is still very early for many to decide today for December. However, think of it as a little break before the gray winter. Days are normally very nice around the Mediterranean and Savona, Marseille and Barcelona are amazing cities.
  9. What if I book but then I cannot come? You have 2 options. The first one is to take the Cancellation for medical reasons & Medical coverage insurance. The 2nd one is you find someone to transfer the package to. Costa Crociere will enable the change of name up to 2 weeks before departure. Be sure that there will always be some latecomers…
  10. After I register, what will happen? You will be contacted via email by the Travel Agent who is handling the booking of cabins. They will provide you with details of your registration and will provide you with the total to be paid. Payment can be made in 2 tranches: 30% now and the rest by 31 October 2018.
    Please note that ALL the passengers of a shared cabin need to fill in the registration form. E.g. if you come with your spouse and children, register them on a separate form.
  11. I want to come and share a cabin with other toastmasters, can you help me find someone? Yes, contact us via email and we will try to put you in contact with other TM in your situation. We recommend though to connect with your club fellows and motivate them to join the adventure.
  12. I have read on your site that beverage are NOT included – How much will they cost me? Yes, indeed. The package includes accommodation and full board (all meals) but no beverage. We have managed to negotiate a “all inclusive” drink package for €65/adult and €43/child between 4 and 17) for the duration of the cruise. If you prefer you can opt for drinks at lunch and dinner only for €45/adult and €23/child between 4 and 17). Drink packages have to be reserved and paid in advance to the Travel Agent. You can also pay your drinks on board. Note though that all occupants in a same cabin must purchase the same drink package.
  13. What is included in the all inclusive drink package? Water, hot and cold soft drinks, aperitifs and vermouth, wine, beer, a selection of grappa and other liquors, some cocktails + selection of wines at meals
  14. What’s the easiest way to arrive to Savona Terminal? Have you checked our Travel section on this site?
  15. What about the fun? You will find many activities on board, like the night shows and the discotheque, a sports center, a beauty center, the pool and gym classes. Kids and teens will enjoy staying at the dedicated clubs: Squok and Teen clubs. And of course more fun at the closing ceremony…. (but that’s a secret). Are you ready to party with us?
  16. How can I help? New crew members are welcome. You can help at any phase of the project (before and during the cruise) If you just want to give a hand, you can help with the registration, with the logistics on board, with looking for clubs/members interested in organizing other social events on board and during the stopovers. ALLeGRO is organized for Districts 109 & 59 by its own members. Therefore thank you!
  17. What about taxes? €100 port taxes & €30 service are included in the individual quote. This means that the real cost of ALLeGRO is €110 in double internal cabin only.
  18. What about wifi and internet connection? Unless you get a bundle, you will not be able to connect during navigation. Most ports though have wifi access and you can use your data plan while in Marseille and Barcelona. However a special APP can be downloaded before the depart as stated in this article:Costa Cruises launched “MyCosta Mobile,” a new application for smartphones and tablets that enables Costa guests to call and phone each other while cruising onboard its 14 ships with unlimited talk and text at no cost.The MyCosta Mobile is free to download and register. Before their cruise, guests download the application from the Apple, Android or Google Play store and install it on their smartphone or tablet. Once onboard, guests connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi network, register and launch the app.By accessing the application via the ship’s Wi-Fi system, guests can socialize with other guests on their ship by phone or text through the closed network at no charge. The app also can be used to contact a stateroom or one of the ship’s restaurants, spa desk, shore excursion office and more.If a guest uses the mobile device to access the Web or contact someone not on the ship, then the customary roaming and shipboard Internet-access charges apply.MyCosta Mobile is available for the iOS 5.0 operating system and newer versions of iPhones and iPads, as well as for smartphones and tablets that run on Android 2.3 and later mobile-operating systems. The application comes in six languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
  19. What should I bring in my luggage? We recommend warm clothes for the stop overs in Marseille and Barcelone (check out the weather before you pack). During the day, to attend the workshops, just come casual. If you like to dress up, dinner, and night time are good occasions. Do not forget to bring comfy shoes and your trainers if you plan to go to the gym club. Do not forget your bathing suit if you plan to go to the (covered) pool.
  20. What should not I bring in my luggage? Check in for the cruise is almost the same as when you take a flight. You are not allowed to bring any ‘bottles’ on board. You will receive a mail from Costa around 10 days before depart with all the instructions you need to do your check in, either online, or at the Terminal (do not forget to print your ticket).
  21. I am delivering a workshop, who will assist me? If you have been selected, the Master of Ceremony who will preside the session will contact you. You are responsible for any printing material to be distributed at your workshop, for bringing a laptop with you and any Mac adaptors you might need. Costa Crociere will not provide Mac cables and adaptors.
  22. I am arriving on Friday 30 November in Savona Virginia, our PR Manager, is organizing a social dinner. Do not hesitate to write to ALLeGRO if you wish to participate.
  23. And what about Registration – Both Registration to ALLeGRO and Check in will be held in the Cruise Terminal in Savona. In the same room you will find the ALLeGRO/Toastmasters Desk. Go there first, register with our staff, get your badge, and then go to Check in and luggage drop off. There will be plenty of people around, and plenty of known faces, start socializing with your fellow Toastmasters. Once you have checked in, board and go to your cabin. You will find your Costa Card and early birds will find their voucher.
  24.  What will happen on Day 1? Go and check our overall agenda under the ‘program tab’. Costa will organize a briefing for all passengers. Please attend either from the Theater, or from your cabin. You will be provided with important information in your preferred language. Then at 6 p.m, our friend Bigi will present ALLeGRO opening Ceremony. We will detail the program of all events and activities.
  25. What will we do in Marseille and Barcelona? The ALLeGRO team did not organize anything in terms of ‘training’. Costa will propose some tours and guided visits. If you wish you can stay on board and enjoy the various activities proposed on board by Costa entertainment staff. You can also go and visit the cities, or any specific site of interest by yourself, with your families and friends. Or attend the social ‘Walk and Talk’ events organized by the clubs of Marseilles and Sagrada Familia Toastmasters Club. More will be published soon.
  26. I have heard that there will also be a Mini Youth Leadership Program – Exact! A group of experienced Toastmasters, fond of the Youth Leadership Program, is organizing a 3 hours session for our teenagers. Encourage your children (12 to 18 years of age) to attend. They will have fun, it is a promise!