Participants’ thanks

04/12/18, 09: 07: Captain Pat& crew, thanks for this wonderful trip and incredible organization

04/12/18, 09:19 ‬: Thanks Patrizia for this experience, and for your wonderful organization!

04/12/18, 10:51 ‬: Thank you and a million thank you’s to Capt Pat’s Crew for making this fantastic love boat academy (we love Toastmasters!!) possible… it is a dream come true and the captain stayed with the ship through calm and stormy seas …

04/12/18, 10:54: Thank you all for the fantastic experience! See you soon!

04/12/18, 10:59: Thanks to all participants, leaders & organizers. Together we made this completely fresh and new event a big success and we are more successful as a result! Major achievements, great & highly concrete learning. Mission accomplished! Bravo and bon voyage.

04/12/18, 11:03: Thanks to all, to the organizing team, to the young toastmasters, to the dancers to everyone

04/12/18, 11:25 ‬: What an amazing event it was !!!  Thank you, fellow ToastMasters, and especially the organizers for the awesome activities and workshops. The energy level was so high that it lit up  within most of us. Thanks again to everyone  Hope to see you soon

04/12/18, 11:31‬: Dear Pat, dear Committee, thanks so much for organizing this incredible event. This is surely a hard act to follow …
Dear Toasties, Thanks for your warm, witty, cheerful presence And thanks Katia Burdet: the hostess with the mostest

04/12/18, 12:07‬: Thanks to Patricia and everyone who participated for making this happen!  It has been unforgettable!

04/12/18, 13:15: Thanks, everybody! It was great meeting you all and a HUGE congrats to Pat and the full team for bringing this all together.

04/12/18, 13:21: Thanks, Alessandra. It was a pleasure for us to have you as one of ALLeGRO’s workshop leaders. You also impressed with your TT speech about your smartphone addiction being your personal prison, and immediate feedback implementation later on.

04/12/18, 14:07: Million thanks Patricia and all the Dream team for the ALLeGRO experience!!! I can only vaguely guess the potential for growth as leaders, communicators, and that bond of connections you provided will inspire… Enjoy as the best is yet to come!

04/12/18, 14:32: Floating home with a lot of improved experience. Thank you for the organization, for all the excellent workshops, for beeing at the cruise and for all the fun we had!

04/12/18, 17:34‬: Dear all thank you SO MUCH for all the good vibes and lovely reactions to our Lekkertunes debut

04/12/18, 17:35 ‬: Big shout out to all that made this event possible! Another pearl on the TM string of events

04/12/18, 18:04: Congratulations to captain Pat and all of you who made ALEGRO a big success.  You are all rocking stars.

04/12/18, 20:23: I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to the organizers of this magnificent event. I can only imagine the amount of time and effort that must have gone into organizing this so that all of us could have a ball and rock the boat! Special mention to the amazing, or should I say, supercalifrigilisticexpialidocious, Lekkertunes. One of the most memorable moments in my Toastmasters life. And the MC, well what can I say….legen – wait for it – Saby! It was wonderful to see so many friends again, and make new ones, especially for us “107ers” who feel a tad isolated from the rest of Europe!!! You have all set the bar extremely high. How can we possibly top this next year? A conference in outer space maybe? And would that be …. Heaven Eleven?

04/12/18, 21:49: A great thanks to Patricia who had this crazy fantastic idea (to scape from church) Thanks again to you, to all the volunteers and participants. I’ll NEVER FORGET IT

05/12/2018, 19:09: It has been a wonderful trip with great workshops. I know now, for what I plan to fight for, that TM will be more successful in the real world and not just within TM. Thanks a lot to the organizers. You all did a great job.

08/12/2018 – 13:24 – Moments to remember…
Thank you, Patricia and your team for, first, making the Allegro Cruise a reality for all of us.
Secondly, for choosing me as your keynote and for your warm and kind words when giving me this awesome gift.
It got stamped in my heart.

08/12/2018 – 23:55, I finally became a member in Dec 2017. Today after participating in AlleGro, I can assure you Toastmasters is where true leaders are made. I have come across all sorts of wrong leaders in my career including the toxic ones. But when I saw Patricia Mansencal & members of Allegro team at the dinner before sailing on the Mediterranean, I was happy, I was content & I was relieved to have finally found the right role models of excellent leadership. Organized, visionary, humble, caring, encouraging & most importantly recognizing the team effort. It was not an easy task pulling off something like this – making it possible for 218 Toastmasters from 2 Districts comprising of 15 European countries to come together to learn, enjoy & share an even more enriching Toastmasters experience on Costa Diadema cruising together in the Mediterranean to 3 countries in 3 days Savona (Italy) – Marseille (France) – Barcelona (Spain). But they did it! And they did it with grace. It’s very important to set the right standards. And we were all a part of this wonderful Toastmasters history. To new friendships & many more Toastmasters histories in the future to be made together

09/12/2018, 15:45 – Allegro – Toastmasters Floating Academy, the Toastmasters spirit and experience in its best

10/12/2018, 7:56 – Dear Patricia, I would like to say thank you once again to you and the whole ALLeGRO team for organizing this unforgettable Toastmasters cruise. It was probably the best conference I have attended to. It was organized, educational and fun.

10/12/2018, 12:20 –  When I think of Allegro – Toastmasters Floating Academy it is Allegria – there is a love in me raging, a beautiful roaring scream of joy

12/12/2018, 19:46 – I made a short video of the Lekker Tunes at the Closing Ceremony. Enjoy and remember this wonderful event. It was awesome to be part of the floating academy.

17/12/2018, 06:29 – Two more big thanks and gratitude from David and me. Through Allegro his two biggest dreams come true – to fly and to sail. Not to mention the places we have visited, people we met, the fun we have, things we learnt and much more.

18/12/2018, 13:22 – Grazie dal profondo del mio cuore mio Capitano Patricia Mansencal perché il tuo sogno ha permesso ai miei sogni diventare realtà. E’ proprio vero che i sogni dei nostri amici possono trascinarci e lo stesso accade quando noi sogniamo, si crea così un ciclo di gioia, possitività e riuscita. Grazie amica mia