Caterina Balatti & Dominik Strebel

Rock Your Speech

12 July 1986. Wembley Stadium. Thousands of people chanting “We Will Rock You” following the rhythm of Queen. Goosebumps.
Do you want to be like Freddie Mercury next time you are on stage?
After their music teachers kicked them out of singing class, Caterina Balatti and Dominik Strebel had to try to rock on a different stage. As the shortest speaker in Toastmasters and a German aiming to be funny… they are clearly still trying.
On their journey they studied great rock stars of Public Speaking. In this workshop they will share… how to ‘Rock your Speech’. 

Audience TARGET: Any level of Toastmasters experience, with focus on speechwriting and techniques to deliver your message effectively

Dominik CC, joined Toastmasters in 2015 in Italy. Since then, he participated at several District contests. Recently he started to do stand-up comedy besides his job at an insurance company. Marketing manager by day and Toastmasters since 2014, Caterina ACB, ALB has been Toastmasters Conference organizer, District contestant and TEDx speaker coach. Always looking for the next thing to read and write and discuss in pointless, endless conversations.

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