Christina Kwok

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trumps IQ

Emotional intelligence (also known as ‘emotional quotient’, or EQ) was ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top 10 skills that employees will need to possess to thrive in the workplace of the future. Human beings are emotional people and we don’t leave our emotions at the door when we go to work. How you handle your own emotions as well as that of others and use it to guide your behavior and actions in difficult situations can make the difference between a high-performing team or a dysfunctional one.. 

It is a fact that emotions play an important role in business negotiations. Negative emotions such as anger or fear that are not addressed can foster win-lose bargaining whilst positive emotions such as joy or happiness can stimulate creative problem-solving and the desire to work together. Key takeaways from this workshop include: Increasing your awareness of your own and others’ preferences Developing empathy for others Recognizing the strengths and limitations of your preferences Opening up to a world of diversity which makes for better team work and results

Audience TARGET: For all professionals and anyone interested in leading and managing team work better. If you already know something about EQ, this workshop serves as a refresher or reminder of its value in maximizing team performance. If you are new to EQ, this will definitely get you going on the path to understanding why some team mates are easy to get along with whilst others may seem aggressive and demanding.

Christina Kwok, delivered global leadership facilitation and intercultural communication training to Swiss managers to help build better trust-based relationships with Asian partners in JointVenture settings in China/Malaysia. She has experience running face-to-face workshops with senior managers (VPs, General Manager) and team leaders to facilitate interactive learning in groups. Currently serving as Division E Club Growth Director 2019/2020. She has served as President, VPEducation and VP Public Relations for Walk The Talk in last 3 years. “I am continually surprised at how much I continue to learn about TMI and life, working in teams and dealing with a diverse range of personalities of people from very international backgrounds. The art of developing empathy and a listening ear is definitely key to success. My TM dream is to complete my present Path: Dynamic Leadership and distil useful takeaways that will help me in my professional and personal endeavors. Developing better and sounder communication skills all round to get my messages out succinctly and rouse audiences’ emotions and passion so they take action is no mean feat and I continue to make progress.

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