Faisal Irzal

Negotiation 101 – Learning the basics

Negotiation is a regular feature of our professional and personal lives. Engineers and scientists must negotiate for scarce company resources. Entrepreneurs negotiate business deals. Politicians negotiate amendments to bills. New employees negotiate their salaries and benefits. Homebuyers negotiate price and purchase terms. Friends and lovers negotiate what movie to see or where to go for dinner. In short, no matter what we do or who we are, we regularly find ourselves in situations in which we cannot simply impose our will on others, nor feel that we should simply agree to their preferences.

Given how often we negotiate and important the outcomes are, it is surprising that we think so little about the techniques we employ and how they can be improved. This workshop provides the opportunity for everyone to learn the basics of negotiation; including type of negotiation, the skills and techniques you need to hone and highlights of the common mistakes people make in negotiation. This will be an interactive session filled with a group activity to practice your negotiation skills.

Audience TARGET: This workshop is targeted to anyone who wants to develop his/her negotiation skills

Faisal Irzalbrings people together as a team with his enthusiasm and help them achieve common and personal goals. Born in Indonesia, Faisal has lived in several countries for his education and career life and currently resides in The Netherlands. Faisal has worked as consultant and researcher at the technical university in The Netherlands. After achieving doctoral degree in engineering, he decided to change his career from academic field into the energy industry. Professionally, he currently manages the proposal efforts to win projects from clients. He’s been a Toastmaster at a corporate club in The Hague since 2014 and has hold several officer roles, including SAA, VP Public Relations and VP of Education. He currently holds position as Division Director of District 59 and a mentor of a new-chartered club in Rotterdam. Life motto: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

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