Juan Manuel Perafan, DTM

Accelerated Club Growth

This workshop is a compilation of very concrete tips to attract new members. “When I first started as VPPR of Fusion, the club reached the point where it was not economically viable to keep on going. However, we managed to grow immensely in that year; tallying 47 news members during that year. “

Audience TARGET: Any level with focus on Club Officers or Members, who want to succeed in club growth.

Juan Manuel Perafan, DTM is a 27-years-old Colombian, living in the Netherlands since 2011. His day job has something to do with computers and data. At night, He organizes meetups, cooks for his friends, and works on his personal projects. He is a Toastmaster since 2016. In his short time, he became a DTM, started an Advanced Club in Amsterdam, and he is currently serving as the Club Growth Director of District 59. And perhaps more important than anything else mentioned above, he is level 3 in Pathways.

Life Motto “When there is a leakage in the ceiling, there are two types of people in this world. Those who empty a bucket full of water every morning and those who fix the ceiling. My motivation is that I know that the first type of people will be automated by deep learning in the next decade.”

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