Lilian Shaftacola

Let us Invest in our Future

With this workshop, people will better understand the idea behind Young Leadership Program (YLP) projects and why they are so important to the Toastmasters family.  They will also learn how they can get involved and how they can become coordinators.

Why YLP?  The truth is that YLP is a wonderful gift that we can offer our future leaders.  Having coordinated many such programs in the past, I have seen children who were very introverted really benefit  – the YLP program changed their life as it gave them a lot more confidence! It is also a wonderful marketing tool for Toastmasters.

Audience TARGET: This workshop is targeted to Club Officers but also any club members  who could be interested in helping with such a program

Lilian Shaftacola, DTM, is currently living in Cyprus, however she spent almost a decade in the U.S. where she obtained degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Quantitative Finance.  She is now working in the banking industry as a Credit Risk Manager but, being a huge fan of Toastmasters, always finds the time to take on yet more duties in support of the organisation and its members.  In fact, she is on a mission to make as many people as possible appreciate Toastmasters the way she does!  

She has been a member of the Nicosia Crusaders Club since 2000, while 2 years ago she acted as a sponsor to the newly-chartered SuperSpeakers Club.  Last year she was the Administration Manager of District 109 – this year she is serving as the AD of Area B3 as well as the YLP Coordinator for District 109.  She has two goals for the coming year: first,  to expand her Area so it can be split into 2 Areas by the end of this year and, second, to encourage as many Toastmasters as possible to learn about the YLP program so that they can also help young people improve their leadership skills.  NB: Lilian first became involved in training teenagers in public speaking in 2004 when she was the President of the Crusaders club. 

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