Percy Roland, ACG, CL
Conference Chair

The intruder from District 107. Conference junkie, real estate shark, and currently professional insomniac (thanks to “Game of Words”). Will be found wearing a dinner jacket, probably even in the sauna.

Francesca Gammicchia,
Education Chair

  • Former Division Director (2016-17);
  • Chair for TM Summer School event 2017 focus on debate;
  • TEDx Speaker & Speaker coach.

Since 5 years, thanks to Toastmasters, I daily help visionary artists and entrepreneurs to communicate their vision in a more understandable way in front of partners and clients.
In 2018 I started the School of debate in Italy for the dissemination of debate techniques in the workplace.

Because of my methodical and playful approach at work, they call me “the German with Sicilian blood”.

Dagmara Dabrowska
Debate Chair

Dagmara Dabrowska works as a TV Engineer and delivery manager for a global telecommunication corporation.
She joined Toastmasters International 4 years ago with an objective to develop her people managing skills. Since then she held leadership roles like VPE and President in various clubs in Milan. 
She takes the expression to throw in at the deep end seriously since she is a passionate scuba diver and skipper and loves tackling challenges.

Giada Sartori,
Fun Chair

  • Division E Director 2019/2020
  • Fun Chair at District 109 Conference 2019
  • Co-Chair of Rhetorical Battle during ALLeGRO
  • President of UBS Rhetoric Club CH 2018/2019

Nicola Zavarise
Registration Chair

Past Area Director

Sinisha Veselinovich
Venue Chair

  • Immediate Past Area B4 Director
  • Club Growth Director for Bulgaria

Jelio Dandanov
Registration support

Organiser of Bulgarian TLI 2019

Tania Yordan
PR Chair

  • PR for TM Summer School event 2017
  • Co. Organizer TLI Luxembourg Lorraine
  • Assistant for Club Growth in Luxembourg and Lorraine (2018-2019)

Stefka Chipanova
PR Assistant

  • Country PRM for Toastmasters Bulgaria
  • PR TM Trademark and Branding Safeguard in Frank’s team – District 109
  • Organiser of Bulgarian TLI 2019