Chiara Alzati (Toastmasters MilaEasy club/Toastmasters Xplorers club – Milano, Italy )

What a great opportunity to combine my passion for public speaking with that of traveling. And when your fellow adventures are your fellow Toastmasters, how could you say no?! I can’t wait to try this experience and I’m sure that once again Toastmasters will not disappoint me!



Jelio Dandanov (Sofia Toastmasters club – Sofia, Bulgaria)

Area Director D95 H6





Sophie Tweed (Toulouse Speakers club – Toulouse, France)

When the opportunity was offered to make the Floating Academy better known in France, it appeared as an exciting & unique opportunity to bring Divisions  closer sharing the same values and ambitions.

Yes we learn better in having fun & while navigating at sea !




Giada Sartori (UBS Rethoric club – Zurich, Switzerland)

Cruise ship is the perfect allegory of a Toastmasters journey: while words flow, like the flowing movement of water, and evolve into speeches with a solid structure, similar to the foundation of a cruise, Toastmasters speakers navigate to, explore, and travel different ports of their public speaking adventure.
I look forward to meet many fellow Toastmasters who enjoy their Toastmasters journey as an ongoing cruise full of emotions, experiences and cultures.




Marianthi Achliopta (Hellenic club – Athens, Greece)

Cruise in the mid of the winter! What are we thinking? Weather, heavy clothes, could we visit the sights or they would be close for the winter?
Oh no, this is not what this winter cruise is going to be like. Imagine, after being stack behind your desk for months, to arrive to the port and embark to luxury in an old fashion way, without the heavy crowds of the summer peak. The cruise boat full of old friends and new, everything you need already taken care of and your only difficulty, to choose what workshop to attend.
Days of easy living, full of learning, conversations and drinks with friends, with party! A chance to stretch your eyes to the horizon, to feel the cool breeze, to smell the sea air, to visit Marseille and Barcelona! A full, unforgettable Toastmasters experience of a unique kind ! Do not miss it!!!



Katia Philippou (Crusaders club – Nicosia, Cyprus )

“What a fabulous opportunity for a pre-holiday break in the middle of winter, combining our favourite things to do: Public Speaking, Socializing, Eating great food, Drinking nice coctails!! Let’s all Cruise to another successful TM event!!! Let’s all ALLeGRO!!!!”







Helena Ruiz Fabra (Bossuet Gavelier – Strassen, Luxembourg)






Áine Neuhaus ( Vienna Toastmasters club – Vienna, Austria)
Jump on board and cruise through Passionate Effective Workshops – Develop your TM talents further in this fun unique adventure






Andy Samuel (Fusion Toastmasters – Amsterdam, Neaderland)

After every club meeting I’m booming with energy.

After the Spring 2018 D59 & D95 joint conference my energy levels were amplified tenfold.

Now, Allegro!! …energy levels to be determined. Are you gonna be a part of that?!?