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I am Patricia Mansencal, the ALLeGRO! Captain (don’t worry I will not navigate the ship!) – I am French but I have been living in Rome, Italy, since 1994.

I am a very enthusiastic Toastmaster. I strongly believe in the educational program offered by T.I but most of all what I like is partying with other enthusiastic Toastmasters (and there are many!). I have been working on ALLeGRO since November 2017 in response to District 59 call for events to replace the 2018 Fall Conference. ALLeGRO! is a challenge for me …. just as life.



I am Virginia Calabritto, the ALLeGRO! promotion chair. I am Italian and I live in Rome. I used to swim in calm waters until I met Captain Hook (don’t tell her) and she contaminated me with her incredible enthusiasm.

I joined the crew in January because I love travelling and organizing events. I already know I will need a holiday… after the cruise. ALLeGRO! is a challenge for me …. just as life.




Hi there! I’m Kate Parvis, an American from Rochester, NY. I have lived in France most of my adult life, and speak both English and French fluently. I’m a real “slash”: conference interpreter/ translator/ property manager/ building company manager/ consultant. Amazingly, my French husband and I are still going strong after 30 years, raising our son and working together professionally–he’s my rock of stability. I’ve been a very active Toastmaster since joining in November 2016, serving as SAA and VPPR respectively in two clubs. I’m also a Pathways Guide, and assistant Program Quality Director




I am Zukhra Abdumalikova, I seem to have a gift of landing in the right place at the right time.

I am originally from Uzbekistan. Started my Toastmaster journey in 2007 in Japan and since 2011 continue as a member of Zurich Club in Switzerland. Being a Toastmaster for more than 10 years and having served as Core Officer in all levels starting at Club level up to the District level, I have seen a lot, done a lot, learned a lot, and it wouldn’t serve its purpose if I didn’t give back by sharing my knowledge and experience with you. It looks like Universe has a plan for me, this time it brought me to another event, to a Historical Allegro Floating Academy as Logistics Chair! I am honored to be part of Allegro team and happy to continue my contribution to this wonderful organization while enjoying meeting with my dear friends again, seeing beautiful places and sharing happy moments with all of you …. with Love!




Hi there! I am Katia, an enthusiasticToastmaster from Turin in Italy!
I came on board in May to assist with the registration! My role is to help you get on board and facilitate your booking with the Travel Agent. Don’t hesitate to contact me.
I look forward to starting this new journey with my friends from toastmasters and my family, and meeting all of you and have fun!




My name is Frank Kaiser, a German guy living in Baden, Switzerland. I became a Toastmaster in August 2017 at Toastmasters GE Baden (currently SAA) and recently president of the new prospective club Toastmasters Baden.

Little did I know when I joined the Athens conference in May 2018 and which positive impact it will have on me.
Captain Patricia hired me to support logistics and the education team.A copacetic opportunity to learn, make new friends and reunite with the existing ones. Together, Beyond!



I am Giuseppe Tringali from Milan and I’m a member of the ALLeGRO! Promotion Team.

I have 2 big passi

ons: Toastmasters and Cruises and that’s why I’m here for giving my support to the team!

What’s better than improving ourselves while we’re sailing on seven seas? (just one for this time!)
Keep your eyes on us and you’ll never regret! See you on board!



Hi there I’m Paula Perdigão, Palucha for family. I am Portuguese, and live in the capital of Carnival, Torres Vedras. 

I love to travel, to learn and communicate. I love party, music and be with friends, if possible in different languages and in a healthy life style.  I meet “Captain Hook”  at the District Conference in Luxembourg conference and when I heard she was organizing a Toastmasters Floating Academy, a combination of education and fun, I asked to join the promotion team. 




I am Lucilla Le Donne a core of ALLeGRO! PR team. I am Italian and now I live in Rome but I have traveled a lot.
I am a “gattara”. Do you want to know what it exactly means? Register to the 

cruise and I will tell you!





I am Anne Topenot, I’m from France and I came on board as soon as District 59 chose ALLeGRO as its Fall training event. I joined to promote ALLeGRO in future D59.






The OPT or the Official Photographer Team: Florbela Pinto, Virginia Calabritto, Mike Flam, Ecaterina Schilling, Robert Johnstone