Frank Kaiser

Snowwhite and the Seven Toastmasters

This is a table topics based workshop, which requires team collaboration to reach a certain goal. This can be applied e.g. to a club’s Executive Committee or an event organisation team.

Audience TARGET: Any level with focus on Club Officers or Members, who want to organize an event.

As the club executive committee, we sometimes have to face uncomfortable situations. The workshop will help you to strengthen your EC bounds to overcome the situation.

Frank Kaiser, CC (aiming for ACB), MS4, TC3 is a Senior Technical Product Manager and Certified Scrum Master, helping people to deliver products in an agile and lean manner.”

Toastmasters since August 2017, members of 3 clubs (Toastmasters GE Baden (SAA), TOASTMASTERS Baden (prospective, President), Walk The Talk Zurich; Current PRM of District 109; Several servant leadership roles for various Toastmasters events; several workshops at various Toastmasters events … and growing” “Toastmasters is the positive box of Pandora for me. Full of surprises and learning opportunities”
One day, he will be on stage at the District Conference in the International Speech Contest English, and beyond.
For him, Toastmasters is like a “Postive Box of Pandora”.
Happy to share my knowledge and ideas with other fellow Toastmaster members.

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