Jessica Breitenfeld

Cultural Negotiation

The 3 step LAB process which reduces stress in difficult conversations

As a human you are constantly improvising- it serves us well to learn how to do it more efficiently. Change in Toastmasters- and in life- is inevitable, so learning this small communication trick can make a huge differences in how well you adapt to stress when that ´change´ smashes you in your unprepared face.

“You can look into the skill of resilience, adaptability and agility in leadership literature. Ask me about how improvisation is done in 50% of the MBA programs in Holland. How the Harvard Business Review claimed that adaptability Intelligence is an indispensable skill for the future of work. Read this about the value of improvisation skills. I love spreading the message of improvisation and a positive mental attitude. I can do it in 15 minutes. It´s a concept of saying ¨Yes and¨ instead of ¨Yes, but¨ and can be demonstrated in 6 minutes with room for practicing it with experiential whole body exercises where they really feel the change in attitude. “

Audience TARGET: Any participant who has relationships. Ideal for officers who work with teams and need to be adaptable to people’s opinions. People who want to excel in Table Topics and want a trick.

Jessica Breitenfeld is a ¨Thought Surgeon¨; She is an award-winning area ToastMaster enthusiast, a trainer in Gestalt PsychoTherapy who has taught and lived in 8 countries for 9 years. She has trained at La Caixa, Damm, Maersk, B Braun & H&M, Barcelona. Enthusiastic and direct, she helps recalibrate technical minds to flow with new ideas. In her free time, she teaches dating communication skills & leads workshops helping entrepreneur women accept their ugly side and live their purpose by removing thoughts that hurt. She dreams to help people stress less- take themselves less seriously- gain self compassion and laugh more. “I joined Toastmasters when I was 16. Received my CC in 2014 in 6 motivated months. I love the Toastmasters – so many interesting people. I manage our club´s facebook page and promote through social media and video making our local events and area conferences. I have run workshops on Adaptability Intelligence as explained below. I have taken quite a few roles- helping with Christmas and a Summer Party and have spoken as an advanced speaker at TM plus event, plus done 2 special workshops on improvisation- one at a Plus meeting and one at BCN Pride. I have no specific goals except to keep getting better and meeting amazing people.”

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